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Parent involvment

An Inescapable Truth

Your teacher can influence the skill and self-confidence of your new driver. They can teach your young person the things they need to know and do to drive safely. They can strengthen their belief in their own ability to do those driving tasks. They can make sure that each and every new driver has developed the skills described by the objectives of the instruction. But they cannot guarantee that your new driver will actually use these skills while performing the driving task.

Why not?

Because teachers cannot control the opportunity to perform the driving task after the training is over. They cannot provide the supportive environment needed for continued performance while driving.

We believe that we do have a responsibility to assist you in preparing you for the return of your new driver from this course. We can provide you with information if you want it. We canít nor do we wish for the power to make you use it. We can help you but we cannot take over your parental responsibility.

Thus, although teacher can provide skills and self-confidence, only you can provide the opportunity to perform. And only you can provide an environment that encourages and supports performance at its best.

You couldnít change this situation even if you wanted to. You are a key player in the driving game whether you like it or not.

You just canít tell teachers to ďteach emĒ and then expect that the trained new drivers will drive the way you want them to drive.

Teachers cannot be held accountable for poor performance caused by lack of opportunity or support.

Effective January 1, 1999, students with an instruction permit must log 20 hours of supervised driving before they can obtain the intermediate-driving license. A minimum of two hours must be between sunset and sunrise. The supervision must be by a parent/guardian, family member over 21, or designated adult over 25. This must be in addition to their driver education class. You can find a printable checklist on this website.

Helping your son or daughter develop driving skills will be easier, more enjoyable and less stressful through the use of the Parent Involvement Guide. This information is designed to answer your question about the home driving practice for students enrolled in driver education and help guide you through various driving situations. We recommend that your son/daughter drive 2-3 hours with you for every hour they drive in class.

Karl Cheverolet

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